Datapuri Point of Sales (DPOS)

DPOS is all-in-one POS System best for small business. DPOS has everything you need to run and monitor your store sales – retail or F&B. Beyond processing transactions, DPOS has reporting and inventory management features and provides access to a variety of integrations that can help you run your business, save time and boost sales.

This vendor is suitable for many different types of stores across a wide variety of industries. Whether you run a clothing store, a sporting goods store, or a specialty service-based business such as a car wash or computer shop, Vend has the features you need.

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1. Raw goods tracking: If you sell composite items, the raw goods setting can help you track the inventory items that go into a finished product.

2. Low-inventory alerts and reorder reports: You can set a Minimum Reorder Level for each item so that when an item falls below the number you set, it appears on the Reorder Report. You can then use this report to help you determine the items and quantities you need to reorder.


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ShopKeep has robust analytics tools that deliver real-time analysis of your sales data to help you make better business decisions. You can see a broad overview of your company's sales or go deep into the details, such as sales data for a specific day and time, product or sales associate. Other reports include sales summaries, daily comparisons, most profitable items and top-selling products.

DPOS can help you boost sales by giving you insights into customer behavior and helping you nurture your relationships with them. You can capture contact information as you ring up each sale and give customers the option of paying using their membership points.

You can create promotions to encourage return visits. You can also look up customer purchase histories and run a report that shows you your top customers.

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Internet outages happen occasionally, but this shouldn't stop you from running your business. DPOS offline mode allows you to accept cash sales until you're back online. It saves your transactions locally and then uploads the information once you're reconnected.

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