The GST (Goods and Services Tax) tax will come into law on 1st April 2015 which is an inevitable deadline for companies that have a threshold revenue of RM500,000 per annum. Even for companies not opting to be GST registered just yet, it is important to implement a GST ready system in order to cater for company’s future growth.  The system comes with built in functions to automate GST related transactions, and to ensure the relevant interfaces to RMCD (Royal Malaysian Customs Department) are in place. Most important are the electronic GST returns and the GST Audit File (GAF) which need to be submitted to RMCD on a periodical basis.

Management can control in a certain page whether a certain user can perform view, edit, add, print or delete functions within a page.

The form entry is customized according to the Source  Document Layout for the purposes of shortening the user’s learning curve and also minimize error in determining  DR or  CR  entries. We  ensure that the system is user friendly because we view  them as  your working partner for your daily tasks.


With DFS, users have instant, precise and real-time reports, either in traditional financial reports i.e. Profit an Loss, Balance sheet, or in more visual form of a dashboard, customize to what your own business performance is measured against



Datapuri Financial Sy stem (DFS) is a financial accounting software to manage your debtors, creditors and general ledger as well as to perform Goods and Services Tax (GST) related functions. It is designed for web based environment with business-critical functionality for SMEs in mind. This software is easy to use with a simple interface while still have advance filtering and sorting facilities. It also comes with GST management functions built-in. This software provides standard based implementation to increase reliability, scalability, dependability and a lower total cost of ownership.


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